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Commercial and industrial properties can be home to very valuable equipment, materials, and products. As a result, it is crucial that the building is watertight and able to protect them. One thing you need to keep an eye on is the gutters. A leak or blockage here could allow water ingress that could cause a lot of damage. In the worst cases it could destroy the building itself. With that in mind, you should be proactive with maintenance and get gutter repairs as soon as you notice an issue.

Make sure they work properly

Gutter repairsWhat you need to keep in mind is that gutters are there to efficiently move water away from your property. Anything that stops this can result in standing water that could cause problems like rusting or leaks.

A number of issues can result in problems with the guttering. The most common is dirt and debris causing blockages. Things like leaves can easily build up and prevent water from draining away. They can even get into downspouts and block them.

Another issue is the gutter joints. There can be a joint every 2.5 metres or so. Sadly in time they can break down. When this happens they can break or disconnect. That in turn allows leaks.

Thirdly, you need to be careful of holes. Whether it is a steel gutter, plastic, or even concrete, they won’t last forever. Wear, weather damage, or mechanical damage can result in a hole. Again this will allow leaks rather than water travelling safely away from the property.

Finally, the gutter angle could be the issue. All gutters need a slight angle to allow the water to flow away. Sadly, if they were not installed correctly or have shifted, the water can pool instead. That can result in leaks.

Arrange reliable gutter repairs

Trenova Roofing Contractors specialises in maintaining industrial and commercial roofs. A big part of this is looking after gutters. We can survey them for clients to check the conditions and look for signs of wear and damage. Then we can offer a quick turnaround if you need a repair.

Our aim with all gutter repairs is to offer the best value for money and a long lasting solution. The liners we use are 100% waterproof and include a 15 year guarantee. So, contact us today if you would like to arrange a service.