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Trenova is a company offering commercial and industrial roofing repairs and maintenance.  We undertake all roofing maintenance and services to businesses, including gutter repair linings and skylight cleaning or replacement.

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Gutter Lining Contractors

Commercial Industrial Gutter Repairs

Problem commercial and industrial gutters solved. Commercial and Industrial repair lining of gutters is needed due to standing water in gutters caused by the building design with no fall to water outlets. The reason for this is the length of the gutters and roof shape. The standing water over time causes rusting along the length and breadth of the gutters. The sealant between the bolted joins begins to break down and fail due to there being a join every 2.5 linear meters. We have seen this problem in buildings as new as two years old. To address this common fault in gutters on buildings we supply and fit our commercial gutter lining system.

To combat this problem we predominantly recommend supply and fitting the hot air weldable UV resistant polypropylene lining membrane, fitting of which is fast, and by far the most cost-effective permanent repair on the market. We have been fitting gutter liners to properties with a 15-year guarantee for over a decade. Most commercial and industrial gutters can be fitted with the quality gutter liner within a day or two with no downtime to the customer.

Our gutter lining system is mechanically fixed, can be fitted into steel gutters, concrete gutters, and asbestos cement gutters, giving a totally waterproof end to problem areas with a guarantee of 15 years. To further remove any chance of water ingress we always recommend fitting a weir to the gutter ends or in some cases removing gutter ends altogether.

If your business is in need of a roof survey to determine water ingress for repairs we are the people to speak to. We undertake gutter lining works to all commercial and industrial properties nationwide. Our Gutter Lining Contractors are fitting thousands of linear meters of gutter lining material each year to prevent water ingress, helping reduce downtime to businesses and making the workplace a safer place in reducing slips on wet floors and damage to electrical machinery.

All commercial and industrial properties will suffer gutter leaks at some stage due to the design and build process. We suggest you make a call for our services before the gutters fail, as being pro-active in repairs is far less costly than reactive.  Alternatively for a quotation to fit the gutter liners in order to fix the already leaking gutters, please call us on 0845 021 2334.

In some cases, depending on the roof substrate a polypropylene liner is not always practical but we are able to offer an alternative to still remedy any problems.

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Commercial Industrial Roof skylights

The reduced amount of daylight into the work premises is almost an equal factor in replacement to damaged leaking roof skylights. Over time the roof skylights become brittle and thin due to UV and weather damage. Sometimes they are just covered in moss and dirt and only require a clean off but they do discolour and turn yellow thus reducing the light into the building. Should you require a re-fit or clean off quotation to your roof skylights we are happy to offer either service. By undertaking the works to your roof skylights you will find a much brighter workplace along with reduced fuel costs for lighting. “GRP” or Glass reinforced plastic is the most common material for the roof lights, and they come in many different profiles to match into your Commercial or Industrial roof. Profile 6  is the most common for asbestos cement roofs along with 34/1000 for steel roof profiles.

We can source whichever roof light profile you need and we are also able to replace roof lights from the inside of the building of fragile roofs (asbestos cement) and other roofs which are deemed too dangerous to work from or need a large cherry picker machine to access. This hugely reduces the cost to the business owner and risk to our fitters and staff on the factory floor.

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Commercial Industrial flat roofing

Flat roofs have always been a problem after 10-15 years. If your flat roof is letting in water and you are looking for either repair or renewal we are the people to call. We can offer several options of re-roofing services or even a cost effective overlay of your existing roof. We use cold applied systems so no problems with flames and the flat roofing systems we use are brilliant for roofs with lots of ducts and protrusions etc.

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