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We are a company that excels at providing its customers with a full range of services for industrial roofs. The work we do includes maintenance as well as repairs. Our team can also clean and replace skylights, and do gutter lining work. So, if you need help with your industrial flat roofing, we are the ones you can rely on.

If you do have a flat roof, then you could have had numerous issues with it previously. By correctly maintaining the materials though, it should last a long time.


Industrial flat roofingOne of the ways you need to maintain the surface is by keeping it clean. Debris is able to accumulate more easily on a flat roof than it would on a pitched design. For this reason, it is imperative you keep up with the maintenance.

Thankfully, flat roofs are safer and easier to walk on. This makes the task of clearing out debris straightforward. Just make sure that the people working on the roof don’t damage the surface while walking on or cleaning it.

Prior to and following winter are excellent times to get roof cleaning. Late autumn in particular is a good time so you can get rid of any leaves that may have fallen or blown onto the roof and into the gutters.

Is it too heavy?

Another vital part of flat roof maintenance is watching the weight. It is possible for too much ice, snow, water and debris to gather on your roof. If you allow this to happen, the weight can become too much for the materials and supports to bear. In the most extreme circumstances, it can lead to your roof collapsing.

In general, flat roofs are built to be robust enough to hold the weight in certain locations. For security, you must know how much weight your roof is able to manage safely. You can then ensure you don’t exceed this.

Professional help with industrial flat roofing

At Trenova, we can offer our clients a multitude of solutions for solving their industrial roofing problems. We understand that these roofs can become problematic after several years. When you start having trouble, our team can give you renewal and repair services. Best of all, we will have options that suit your budget.

So, if you would like to work with us, please get in touch. We have the skills to deal with various types of industrial flat roofing. Our services are always first rate, ensuring you can rely on us every time you need help.