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Commercial roof repairsThe right care and attention can make commercial roofing last a very long time. Trenova can help here. We offer a full range of maintenance and repair services to protect the roof. Clients from various industries can rely on us to provide the very best commercial roof repairs. In addition, we can give each client lots of useful tips about extending the life of the surface.

Fix leaks quickly

The first piece of advice we have is to get fast repairs for any leaks, even small ones. A leak will only get worse the longer you leave it. This could damage more of the roof structure and even affect the walls and foundations. Instead, you should get a quick service so it is easier to tackle the problem and get the roof watertight.

Regular inspections

Being proactive is the name of the game here. A key part of this is to inspect the roof on a regular basis. Many people take it for granted and only act when there is a problem. That is a bad strategy and could allow small problems to get much worse over time. It is far better to inspect the roofing twice a year and get maintenance and repairs when you notice issues.


With the mention of maintenance, you absolutely should invest in regular services to keep the surface and gutters clean. This can make sure they are free of dirt and debris and not struggling with pooling water.

Look after roof equipment

Commercial roofs can be home to a surprising amount of equipment. For example there could be roof lights, air conditioning units, vents, and even antennas. If they experience wear or suffer damage because of the weather, you could end up with leaks and other problems. To avoid this, maintain the equipment and take extra care of seals.

Arranging commercial roof repairs and more

Above are just a few of the things you should do to help extend the life of your roofing. Another thing you should do is ensure you always choose reliable experts to handle cleaning, maintenance, and any other service. Trenova can handle all of this for you, delivering top quality services every time. This ensures we don’t accidentally damage the roof.

So, if you need commercial roof repairs, rely on us. You can call us today if you need any help or advice.