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At Trenova we specialise in industrial and commercial roofing. We know our fair share about repairs, new installations, and more. This even includes over roofing. Our team assists countless clients all over Wales and England. Every time, we offer a viable solution to the client’s problem that will protect their property.

Opting for over roofing

Over roofingMany people think about replacing their current roof. However, they know that the labour and monetary costs can be a problem. The job can also be very disruptive to a business. If you are one of these individuals, then over roofing could be the solution for you. It is the easiest, most cost effective way of refurbishing a roof.

Commercial and industrial buildings come in all shapes and sizes. Sadly, just like any other property the roof materials can wear away with time. However, laying a new roof over the existing materials can be safer and simpler than replacing them.

The benefits

There are plenty of reasons to opt for over roofing rather than other options. Firstly, you can eliminate the costs that come about due to the need to safely dispose of waste. In addition, you lower the disruption to the structure and those inside. There will be no production downtime for tenants and workers. This can be much better for your finances.

In addition, this technique comes with a number of extra advantages. For starters, you can get maximum ROI and minimal labour. Plus, you usually don’t need any planning permission. Last but not least, the new roof surface can improve the energy efficiency and thermal performance of the property.

Talk to us about your roofing needs

At Trenova, we always strive to provide clients with reliable solutions, whether it is repairs, over roofing, or gutter work. As a business we have decades of experience. On top of that, each of our operatives is an expert with the best training. If that wasn’t enough, the work we do comes with some lengthy guarantees. For these reasons, the vast majority of our clients return to us every time they require help.

So, if you believe our services could benefit you, feel free to contact us. We will arrange to visit your site, perform a survey, and provide a quote for any necessary work.